'Alligator in the Elevator: Learn to Count' iOS and Android app


'Alligator in the Elevator: Learn to Count' iOS and Android app

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At Little Spaceship Productions we produce entertaining multi-platform interactive software apps, and video content for preschoolers and parents that encourage imagination and exploration both on and beyond the screen to help foster a thirst for knowledge and a love for learning. 


"I have had a love for animated storytelling that began way back while watching animated segments by Bud Luckey on Sesame Street like ‘The Ladybug Picnic’ and ‘The Alligator King’ as well as the School House Rock segments on Saturday morning TV. I now have three daughters and it has been a goal of mine to produce the type of creative animation projects that would serve as similar inspiration to a new generation. This is why I formed Little Spaceship Productions. Our first project, currently in production, is the ‘Alligator in the Ellevator: Learn to Count’ iOS and Android app."

-- Krishna Ramnath, Founder/Chief Creative Officer


With an increasing amount of media content being made available to you and your children everyday, it has become more difficult to navigate through all that is offered.  Rest assured, you can trust that when you see the Little Spaceship logo, what follows will be safe for your children, engaging, educational and fun for you and your family. Visit for our latest recommendations for the best interactive content available for preschoolers.